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ASGORE - Undertale lyrics

Heyyyyy still alive xD


In this room       this will end.
Who will cross             the barrier?
A silent           breeze flows by.
It was nice to meet you but know that we must fight.

Grab the knife firmly in your hands.
I won't move, even if you strike.
Have no fear, for through the years
there is no more pain... that I can feel.

Hopes and dreams that we'll be free
are the burden with which I live.
No matter how hard you try to spare,
I won't let you claim... your mercy.

Resultado de imagen de asgore fanart

But even yet...

Try to talk to me, and my knees give in.
It burns to attack you, it's too much for me.
Watching you eat pie, it brings memories.
Please let this be the last time.

I don't want to hurt you, that you must believe.
Everything that I've done, it's 'cause I'm their King.
I never asked for power, never asked for this.
My heart's been torn apart again...

Can't you see...?
There's no point
in trying to spare me?
I'm immune to your talk.
I've lost my soul,
just to bring my people up above.
All the tears and pain that I have caused,
I know they must all serve a purpose...

Weighting on my conscience is all the blood that I have shed.
But I can't back up now, for all my kingdom's sake.
After all your efforts I'm sorry that you can't spare.
I'm sure that you've learnt right from a mother that once left.

Determination is filling now our hearts,
I swear I will make good use of your sacrifice,
freeing us from the cage where we live in,
so that they can again    see      the     sun.

I really should confess that I am selfish,
for I secretly wish that you fight me back.
So save me from the monster that I've become,
aim straight for the heart,
to forget what I've done,
to forget all my past,
the sins down my spine.

Human, don't give up!
Our destiny now lays on you!

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