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Spear of Justice - Undertale lyrics

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Spear of Justice

This is your final trial!
Now stand your ground and fight!
We know the time has come for you to die.
I won't let you escape!
No, you won't get away!
I can feel all their hearts beating as one!

Now pick up this spear!
Now you must face your fears!
You're about to fight the courageous Undyne!
Really you stand no chance,
I hope you understand,
you're much more useful if you are dead.

Even though I won't fail,
Asgore would make it end,
your SOUL will be ours in any case.
I know I can't let go
from all my people's dreams and hopes.

You know you can't win,
know that I won't give in,
finally they'll be free.

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Seven human SOULS
is what we need to climb above,
back to the place where we monsters came from long ago.
You should be grateful, you know,
that somehow your pity SOUL,
will be able to end this nightmare we live once and for all!

I can hear them calling my name!
(The heroine has come!)
I can feel them raising their hands!
(The Spear of Justice saves the day!)
With my strenght I can't lose!
(The heroine has come!)
I won't give in to you!
(We know she'll guide our way!)

Why won't you fight?
I know humans don't feel love.
Do you really think you can fool me with that sorry pose?
You know monsters deserve
a much better life than you do,
I already told you that I will not divert from my goal!

Now stop running away!
(This human child is kind)
I don't want you to spare!
(Their mercy might save the day!)
I'm not saying it twice!
(This human child is nice)
Do you think this is a game?
(We know they'll guide the way!)

Resultado de imagen de spear of justice

Seven human SOULS
is what it takes to climb above.
Could it be possible that you might really condemn us all?
Yet how can you be
so selfish that you can't see
you're the only way that I can bring to life our dreams?

None of your words
might even shatter my cause,
even if you're pleading is somehow persuading me to stop.
There are so many kids
that have fallen to this spear,
I still find it hard to relive their expressions of fear.

Yet I must go on,
even if there's doubt that now burns,
the only way is to wash the conscience from my thoughts.
Memories like coals
running wild through my blood,
feels like I'm suffocating in all this conviction I've lost.

I must FIGHT!

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