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Historias perdidas: Calling for trouble


La historia vuelve. Volvemos al pasado. Y esta vez *redoble de tambores* hay salseo romanticismo inminente eue Hacía demasiado tiempo que no escribía algo con tensión romántica y tenía ganas, y como no se me ocurría ponerle más cosas al pasado, pues hale, problema resuelto xD

Espero que os guste y os siga enganchando, si he conseguido hacerlo >u<

Y pensar que solo tiene 19 páginas /(ºoº)\ Que historia más intensa.

19. Calling for trouble

'Need any help, gorgeous?'

Samantha jumped in surprise, nearly throwing the whole shelf. She turned towards the young man who had just spoken to her. At that moment, he was staring at Sam with sharp blue eyes, gleaming with fun. He looked like the kind of man who called every woman gorgeous, because she was certain that, even though she wasn't completely ugly, she was absolutely not gorgeous.

'Um... Sure,' she stuttered, blushing deeply. 'Thanks.'

The man was tall enough to reach the pack of sanitary towels that were just out of her reach. When he offered them to her, she immediately regretted it. Probably it would have been better to climb the shelf.

Watching how her cheeks turned even redder, the stranger tried to restrain a laugh. 'Don't worry. It's not like nobody knows what you're going through, right?'

Getting a black lock of hair off his face, he winked and turned around towards his own trolley. Sam couldn't help but stare at him as he walked away, still with the package in her hand, earning a cocky smile when he turned one last time before disappearing in another corridor.

She was left there, dumbfounded, during at least two whole seconds. Then she recovered and quickly walked to the register, wishing to exit the supermarket and forgetting what had happened as soon as possible. Afterwards she could just go back to the motel room she had rented in that small town, which could be defined as something in-between a city and a village. When she talked to that strange man at that bar, alarms jumped in her brain, so she decided to stay for a while and consider her options.

Finally she came to a conclusion. Maybe walking alone into the city the man had talked about wasn't completely safe. But he had no friends left, no family left, and no police officer would consider her problems important enough to accompany her.

Carrying the sole package she had bought in a bag which was too big for it, Sam walked quickly towards her car, almost running. Recently, she hadn't felt comfortable. Anxiety ruled her life and made her want to do things she wouldn't normally do. Like flirt back with the guy from the shop. Maybe the pressure she felt under was too overwhelming and she wanted some kind of distraction. It probably didn't even matter.

Just as she thought of the stranger, she met his gaze a few parking spaces away. There was something calling for trouble in those eyes, although it was some kind of exciting trouble, like the moment a kid threw someone a water balloon before running away.

Before getting in the car, the young man dedicated her one last, mischievous smile. She felt as though fire ran through her veins, even if they were probably just hormones, and she blushed again. Except this time, Sam smiled back.

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