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Historias perdidas: Playing with fire

Heyyy. Manteniendo las buenas costumbres. Así queeee espero que os guste y, realmente, tengo poco más que decir. Buena semana, ¿supongo? Y buen verano. Y buen viaje para aquellos afortunados que viajen.

No digo nada más.

18. Playing with fire

Hilary was an incredibly serious and melancholic woman, as she soon figured out. On first impression, she would've seemed pretty sensible, but maybe not as sensitive. Or it could just be the way she gazed as Sam, all cold eyes and severe expression, as though she had built a fortress around her heart. On second thought, Hilary appeared to be a broken person.

'Who told you I was looking for her?' Sam finally asked, cautious, after the other woman's mouth clenched with impatience. When she heard her, however, she smirked. Somehow, it felt utterly uncomfortable.

'Who could it be? My Jamey of course. He came home the other day, biting his lip, all concentrated. It's what he does whenever he's about to ask a question, you know. So the next thing I know, he's asking with his steady eyes, "Mom, do you know any Julia... Harrell? No, it was Farrell. Yes! Julia Farrell. Is she the mom of anyone of my classmates?" So, obviously I wanted to know why he was asking.' She stopped a second to take a sip of her cigarette. Then Hilary stared intently at her while she continued: 'That was when he told me about you. How you have met him on the beach, and what you wanted to know.'

Samantha looked away, trying to escape from the other woman's gaze, into the park across the street, where Ray had gone to play with Jordan. 'So,' she began, 'do you know anything about her?'

Putting out her cigarette, Hilary finally stopped glaring at Sam. Actually, it hadn't been a glare, at least strictly... Yet it certainly felt like one.

'If you allow me to ask, Ms. Cardigan, who is that woman to you?'

'My aunt. My father...' Taking a deep breath, she prepared to confess what she hadn't told anyone yet. Hilary was cold, yes, but something about the woman made her feel confident. 'My father seems to be in really deep trouble, and I found a letter after my mother died. He asked me for help. Maybe it's too late, but... Anyways, I was hoping I could still do something.'

'I see.' Suddenly, her eyes were filled with resignation and sadness. 'There is few I know about her. She... hadn't very good friends, honestly. Actually, I absolutely doubt they could be called friends. Rather the contrary. Julia, she... Look, she hasn't had good company in a while. Her son is all she has left, that I know.'

Suddenly she stood up, making Sam jump. 'Wait, where...?'

'James and Jordan are coming back.' The woman looked at her one last time. 'Right now, you're playing with fire. I don't know how long has it been since your father sent you the letter, but if you keep digging you might be in danger. Whatever has happened to your father, I'm not sure it's worth the risk.'

And when the boys came, Hilary swiftly said goodbye and pulled them away from her, leaving Samantha stunned at the bar's table.

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  1. Hum. Vaya. Cada vez tengo más interés por ver a dónde nos lleva esto xD
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Yo también xD
      Al principio tenía una idea aproximada de lo que estaba haciendo. Ahora sé a donde quiero llegar pero no tengo muy claro cómo xD Estoy enredándolo más de lo que pretendía al principio pero de momento me gusta.
      Un beso .^.


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