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Death by Glamour - Undertale lyrics

Heyyyy Undertale xD

Death by Glamour

Are you ready?
Your palms are sweaty.
You're feeling nervous,
of that I'm certain.
Here on the stage
you can't defeat me.
You're facing a star,
I was built to shine bright.

Try... to escape...
from my bombs...
and from my legs!

Move right move left, can you keep the pace?
On the dance floor I'm no second best.
Move right move left, a bit of violence,
will sure keep up the ratings.
Move right move left, pose dramatically.
Could it be that you just bested me?
Is that a heel turn what I have just seen?
I think you might have ruined it, darling.

Death by glamour, oh so delightful.
It's so funny watching you struggle.
Do you want to live?
I'm sorry but I can't spare you darling.
Death by glamour, oh so delightful.
I'm so glad to cause you such trouble.
Why do I this?
The show must still go on, darling.
Death by glamour, oh so delightful.
I'm so sad to see your world crumble.
Yet I can't complain.
Sacrifices are sometimes made.
Death by glamour, oh so delightful.
Our fight is causing some rumble.
Can you hear them scream?
This is what they seek.
Drama is a need and I give it free.

We've grown so distant,
is such a pity,
we sure need
to solve this,
with a heart to heart it is!

They're so excited,
for this battle,
how can we
the excitement that they crave!

Dodge my attacks,
it doesn't matter,
you will soon
find out
the way defeat can taste!

Alphys is no longer
here to save you.
This was all,
a great,
charade and you couldn't tell!

I know, you're impressed,
with all my beauty and my glam.
You could never match mine,
I'm the god of the fame.
Being                    fab isn't just
something you can beat me with.
I may now have no arms,
but I have legs like this!

The end is closer,
you're such a poser.
They now love your
drinks and your burgers.
Could it be that
you truly beat me?
You're now the star,
fallen down to save us.

Knock 'em dead 'cause
there's still a chance.

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  1. Lol, me gusta Irene xD Y en cierto modo creo que entiendo parte de lo que dice así que bien xD
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Gracias *^* Lo otro no lo entendías? 😕 Y esto sí? Hmmm no entiendo bien pero vale xD
      Un beso :>


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