domingo, 24 de julio de 2016

Heartache - Undertale lyrics

Yup. Undertale again xD Os vais a tener que aguantar 0:)


I can't let you go,
I can't let you leave.
There is just one way
that we can end this.
You have to prove me
and you must believe
it breaks my heart to do this.

Seeing all your pain,
knowing it's because
my burning flames
fulfilled their goal.
I just want to ease your pain
but I can't lose you yet again!
My child, you're making my heart ache...

Gathering all the humans
that had fallen down,
trying to save them
from what lays ahead.
Every single child
that visits this place
is bound to suffer from this hell.

If you just turn back,
if you climb the stairs,
I can promise you
all this we'll forget.
Asgore is going to capture you,
please don't make me hurt you again.

You must believe,
it's your safety what I seek.
I wanna protect
you from what awaits outside the ruins.
Can't you see, you are making my heart ache?
But I can't show you any mercy.

Asgore won't doubt again
 when he's about to cast a spell.

Better run away
or fight me back.
Make up your mind,
I will now attack.

Why do you have
to stay so determined?

I can't let you go,
I can't let you leave.
Monsters out there
won't show mercy.

Why must you look at me so innocently?
My child, what do you prove,
trying to spare me
with your heart in your hands?
It's breaking me apart.
You have to fight me,
even if I don't like it.
Strenght is what you need
to survive through this.

I can't let you go out the ruins
without being sure
that you're strong enough.
Death is closing on behind you,
I can't get to hurt you anymore.

Why are you doing this, my child?
Why are you showing so much mercy?
I guess you're right,
I can't keep you here with me.
Defeat... Asgore and cross the barrier.
Please be good and safe.

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  1. Me gusta xD No creo que pueda añadir mucho más, pero me gusta xD
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Yayy gracias. Es decir, no sabes nada del juego, así que suficiente es que te guste xD
      Un beso <3


    1. Supongo que hagas daño con tanta facilidad con lo que escribes demuestra que tienes alma de escritora XD.

      Nou, but, rly. Muy bonito <3

    2. Oh baia. Gracias por esa demostración de amor-odio. Es lo que siempre he deseado en una relación :') No realmente.
      Siento hacerte esto, pero te avise xD Por lo menos te gusta *-*
      Un beso :D


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