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Historias perdidas: A maze without exits

Heyheyhey! He acabado >.< Bueno me queda una nota pero espero haberla aprobado. El caso es que ahora por fin podré subir las entradas semanalmente. Como solía. Como no lo hago desde hace... ¿nueve meses? xD

Bueno supongo que estaréis contentos, ¿eh? ¿Eh? ¿Eeeh?


Voy a dejar esto y a marcharme silenciosamente.

Si alguno no habéis acabado todavía (Universidad presumiblemente) mucho ánimo y buena suerte <3

17. A maze without exits

Some things where troublesome, and finding her way to that damned city was one of them. Forgetting what happened to Martin was another. Because every time she tried to forget it, the terrible event just came back to her. Whether it was karma, a divine punishment or simply a bad joke, that she didn't know.

Sam was only certain of something: maybe if she found the city the office worker had talked about, she could find Julia. But not even tourism maps, not even the Internet, where able to take her easily and smoothly to the lost village which could be found at some point along the coast. It had been the first time she had spent so much money in gasoline during a road travel.

That was a bad thing. The frustration and helplessness she had felt also were, and the sensation of walking through a maze without exits another. Good things, only one: the relief and satisfaction of finding the place after a week of torture.

It had happened while asking for directions, when she had already lost all hope. Sitting all alone in a bar, staring desolately into a glass of beer, expecting to find all the answers she needed in the yellowish reflection. That was when a told, sober man, in his fifties, approached her with a comforting smile.

'Excuse me, young lady, I can't help but feel you're having some trouble.' Samantha jumped slightly, gazing at him, surprised by his kind observation. 'Are you lost? Do you need any help?'

His offering was somehow out of the blue, and despite his patient stand she felt uneasy, yet she didn't understand why. And, after all, she needed that help. Probably he didn't even know, so... What bad could it do? Therefore, she asked for the directions of the village the employee had talked about.

'Oh, that!' He chuckled, and it was a calming sound. As if everything were going to be alright. 'I understand now. It's an old place, and really few people know how to reach it. Actually, it is pretty simple. You just have to make a turn at a small road some miles south this city. Some bushes cover it partially, so maybe you don't see it at the beginning. A few minutes later you will find yourself on a bigger motorway. There won't be many vehicles, so I'm sure you will arrive soon enough.'

When he stopped talking, he looked at her with discreet expectation. Knowing what she was about to ask. The woman didn't disappoint him. Gasping and babbling, she wondered: 'How did you know? Who are you?'

The man's smile widened. 'Let's say I'm a man who has some job at the city you're searching. Nothing more, and nothing less. Well, young lady, I hope you haven't got any problems finding it now. If you don't have any more questions, I guess I'm going. I've got some work to do.'

Turning around, he walked to the door and disappeared quietly. By the time Sam stood up and followed him, he was already nowhere to be seen.

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  1. Los hombres así siempre ocultan algo, recuérdalo Sam, SIEMPRE. Cuando llegue a atarte y torturarte de vedad, recuerda mis palabras :)
    (Como siempre, genial, Irene xD)
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Waaat xDxDxD Lol so true.
      Gracias amor <3 Le diré a Sam que te haga caso xD
      Un beso :*


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