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Historias perdidas: A treasure map

No sé qué decir, así que voy a ser original y dejar directamente lo que he escrito, sin intros ni nada (esto no cuenta como intro).

11. A treasure map

Even though Samantha was unable to find any information from her father where she used to study, and failed to find out any hidden message he could have possibly left to the people he knew, the woman felt she was getting closer to discover where her aunt was living. The employees from her father's office weren't able to answer any of her questions - what happened? Where did he go? - but she found a way to continue her investigation. Three of the many colleagues her father had knew about Julia Farrel, although only one of them personally knew her. That, though, was enough for the new born detective.

'You see, lady,' he began, moving his glasses, 'I met this kind woman once. She seemed to be very worried about something her stupid brother had done. I remember she said... something about who he had talked to, what he had asked for, and how that would put her baby boy and her in danger.' Nervously, he scratched his knee. 'You see, I'm not a nosy man. I swear. She was just so angry and worried.

So I tried to save his ass and calm her down by asking her if she wanted some tea. Julia answered she'd rather have some beer. So I went with her to the closest bar and invited her to a beer. We talked. She was nice, and I liked her, I must admit. We went out for a while... Not too long, just a week or so. That girl wasn't right up there.' The man raised his eyebrows while tapping his head with one finger. 'But I'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear, lady.'

'Oh, no, it's totally ok,' Sam quickly said. She was paying attention to every word that flew out of the stranger's mouth, expecting to see a treasure map fall out any second. 'Please, continue. Why do you say she was crazy?'

'I didn't exactly say that but... well, yes. She was always talking about her husband. Seriously, she had some kind of fixed obsession. My husband would've done this, my husband would've done that. One might expect that from a heartbroken widow, but I couldn't live like that. I told her to stop, and she told me that, if I didn't like it, I could leave. And that's what I did. I have never ever heard again from her until now.'

'Yes. My father sent me a letter some time ago. He said he wanted me to visit my aunt, but she isn't living where she used to.' Once again he relocated his glasses, his focused look on her. 'I see. Nothing has been heard from him in a while now.'

She frowned, trying to control herself. There was an implicit question in his sentence. And he wasn't nosy. 'A few years, indeed. I'm worried and I'm trying to look for him. So, can you remember anything else that might help me know where she moved to? Something she said, some place she might have been interested in?'

'No, I don't think... Well.' He snorted. 'Obviously, she talked about visiting her husband's old house. Talking nonsense, she said nothing would've happened if they had lived there, that the city was safe. That's ridiculous. I mean, accidents happen, right?'

'Right,' the woman cautiously answered. 'So tell me, what was the place called?'

Yyy voy a improvisar una despedida xD

Espero que os haya gustado (yo estoy orgullosa de esta historia, para qué engañarnos). Quiero seguir con este ritmo antes de que empiecen de nuevo las clases D': Sé que no soy muy positiva, pero qué le vamos a hacer. Ya queda poco >_< Intentaré ayudaros a disfrutar de agosto con estas historicillas xP Un beso muy grande <3

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  1. Vale, he tardado una semana, pero al fin estoy aquí para comentar xD Como ya sabes, esta historia me gusta mucho, y me dejas con la intriga, aunque mi personaje favorito es Ray xD
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Yaaay gracias ... </3 (Isengard siempre xD)
      He captado la indirecta, tranquila (-la próxima vez, ¡¡mete al P*** RAY!! D8<) Todavía tardaré un par de capítulos en decir el por qué de Ray xD Y después del faro no creo que la historia vaya a durar mucho. Espero que el final os impacte ^-^ (tengo una idea, pero ni yo lo tengo claro xD)
      Un beso.

  2. De verdad que adoro estas historias, aunque no he tenido ocasión de ponerme desde el principio... pero tienen un encanto muy especial, esta en concreto me encanta :)
    Un beso ^^

    1. ¡¡Gracias!! Seguiré escribiéndola con la esperanza de que os siga gustando ;)))
      Un beso muy grande :3


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