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Historias perdidas: Inside a star

Sup! Voy a dejar la intro breve porque la verdad es que es tarde y no sé muy bien qué decir... Sé que hace tiempo que no subo entradas cuando prometí que en verano las subiría con más frecuencia, pero jo, qué pereza me da Dx Le debo una entrada de un premio a Val así que, sí, eso también lo tendré que hacer.

La próxima entrada la subiré dentro de poquito, para que no me odiéis por inútil xP

10. Inside a star

After her car broke down, Sam wasn't too sure about what to do. She spent some time trying to get the damn hotel to save her bedroom for some more days, but they made her pay a sort of fine for not telling them when she would leave.

Thinking that she wasn't in the mood to stay inside her room throughout the day, the woman got a shower and changed her clothes before leaving. Thinking about a nice coffee shop she had seen not far away from the beach, she took the same road she had taken when she first arrived to that doomed city where her aunt was supposed to live. And yet all she had found was a weird little boy who certainly was more helpful than what Sam had originally imagined, although she wasn't sure what to think about him.

All of a sudden, while arriving to the place, she caught a glimpse of an already known figure from the corner of her eye. Sam stopped and looked at it. Undoubtedly, the confident boy was already strolling towards the beach, not even worried about the possibility of her mother- or worse, a stranger- following him. The woman glanced at the shop with desire before sighing and running after the kid.

'Hey! Jamey!' When she caught up with him, he was already turning around. It was the first time she saw him with that truly irritated expression. Somehow, it looked grotesque, too mature in such a child's face.

'I'd rather you don't...'

'Didn't,' was Sam's quick correction. Yet the child seemed to deliberately ignore her. '...call me by that name.'

'I'm so sorry.... But what should I call you then?' To her relief - yes, her relief! - he simply smiled and answered: 'It's ok. You can call me Ray. I like it better.'

Samantha found it inevitable to imitate his smile. That was when she finally found out that the child actually made her feel happy with his words. They had some kind of innocence, they were so rid of malice, that it made her think perhaps there was something to fight for in that world. Playfully, though, she put her hands on her hips and dedicated him a teasing scowl.

'Well, well, Ray. Now, what are you doing out here? Once again on your own...'

Ray shrugged, choosing not to follow her provocation. 'I just wanted to visit the abandoned lighthouse. It's further up along the shore, far from where we first met.'

A worried expression grew across her face. 'My, why would you do such a thing? All alone? Are you not afraid?'

'Oh, no, Ms. Cardigan. It's pretty silent and nice. I like to wonder what it have felt like to work there. I imagine it must have been like being inside a star, guiding others, bringing light when everything's dark...' He smiled his beautiful smile. 'Would you like to come, miss?'

Yyy hasta aquí ^-^ Espero que os haya gustado. Comentarios y opiniones, plis, y si tenéis alguna sugerencia, ya sabéis, estoy completamente abierta a propuestas. Un besazo <3

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  1. Vale, está muy bien, pero al principio he leído "políticamente abierta" y ha sido como: ¿¿¿¿Wtf, Irene???? Ya se le ha ido la olla. Hasta que he leído bien y se me había ido a mí xD
    Y, bueno, como de costumbre, genial, aunque el personaje que más me gusta es el niño xD Por cierto, ¿como se saca Ray de Jamey?
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Eeeeh se te va mucho xD
      Gracias y lo sé, el niño es lo mejor xD Y Ray no tiene nada que ver con Jamey, pero ya lo entenderás (jojojo)
      Un beso muy grando ^-^

  2. ¡Hola!
    Eres la única persona que consigue hacerme leer en inglés en verano XDD. Como siempre, Irensita, está genial. Y, haciendo referencia al comentario de la rubia, me gusta más Jamey que Ray XD.
    ¡Un beso!

    1. Aw, stop it, you, you're making me blush èwê Muchas gracias <3 Y lo siento, pero eso es lo que Jamey/Ray prefiere. Algún día lo explicaré ;)
      Un beso ^-^

  3. Oh, yo quiero ir a ver el faro (el faro, ¿no?, que con estas cosas me columpio a lo bestia).
    Me ha gustado un montón, de verdad. Y como creo que esta Sam es la misma Sam que la de la historia de Martin, intuyo que esto es una historia larga y que me he enganchado a la mitad (como siempre).
    Si es verdad que llego tarde otra vez, me pasaré a leerla entera desde el principio (estoy leyendo en inglés, ¡wow!). Un beso Irene ^^

    1. Sep, es el faro ^-^
      ¡Gracias! Estoy probando a escribir de forma distinta, y la verdad es que de momento me gusta cómo me está quedando (sí, es una historia continuada ;) jajaja) Va hacia delante y hacia atrás, por si no lo leíste en una de las primeras publicaciones. Confunde xD
      ¡Muchas gracias! De verdad que me hace ilusión que leáis mis cosas :D
      Un besazo <3


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