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Historias perdidas: Keep in touch

Lo prometido es deuda: aquí lo tenéis. Tarde. Como todo xD Pero es que tengo tantos examensitos y tan pocas ganas de escribir ;__; Pero por fin está aquí, y la historia continúa ^-^

Nota: cuando el niño comete errores al hablar, soy consciente de ello, lo hago a propósito (aunque Sam lo corrigió tiempo ha, el niño ha pasado de ella).

8. Keep in touch

The man licked his lips while frenetically moving the leg. To Sam, those were his principal actions, though apparently he was also checking her car's engine. Suddenly he stood straight, got a notebook from his rear pocket and wrote something in it with the pen he had been holding. The movement made the rag hanging from his shoulder fall to the floor, and he quickly recovered it with a distant expression.

'I will need quite a long time, ma'am,' the man said, frowning slightly. 'I'm not even sure about how many pieces I must change, but I would say at least two. Anyway, you can understand I can make you no offers, just because you know the...' He silenced and gestured towards the boy. 'The kid.'

'Oh, of course. I never meant to ask.' And her words made him smile. But as she had already discovered with all the people she knew, his smile wasn't as nice as de child's. It wasn't as true.

'Perfect, then. Can I ask if you're in a rush? Because I'm sorry you'll have to wait. Or maybe use a taxi, or a bus.' Samantha thought for a second before shaking her head. 'There's no problem. I was just looking for something...' The man raised an eyebrow. 'But it can wait.'

'So,  I must thank you for trusting these hands. I can swear I'm the best mechanic in this town. The others are either too expensive or too inexperienced. Yet I won't ask how did you come to know about my... garage,' he added, glancing at the boy disapprovingly. His indirect, pretty much direct question irritated her. 'I still wonder if his mother will ever get to control him. He will soon get in trouble.'

She quickly blurted out: 'I met him over the seashore. I saw him alone, so I asked him to go home.'

The man smiled again. 'I'm sure you mean no harm. At least, that's what I would expect. Otherwise, you would have already done it.' He looked significantly at the boy one more time, until the kid complained: 'I wasn't doing nothing wrong! I just get too bored at home.'

'So that's a reason to get your mother scared to death?'

The boy muttered something like "she doesn't even care" and so the man scowled at him. Still, the kid didn't seem to fear him: he didn't flinch, or anything of the sort. So the mechanic simply sighed and changed the subject.

'In any case, it has been very nice to meat you, Ms...?'

'Cardigan,' answered the woman. The man nodded and raised his notebook and pen. 'My name is Jordan. So please, Ms. Cardigan, give me your number so that we can keep in touch. If not, we shouldn't worry. We can always let Jamey be in charge of that, ey?'

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  1. Persioso ^^
    Y AGGGG FANGIRLEO CON LA PORTADA DE PANDORA HEARTS *^* Giiiiilbert <333333333333333
    Vale, volvamos a la historia^^. Es maravillosa, como todo lo que escribes
    ¡Un besho!

    1. WTF... Siriusli es como. Oh, sí, historia. Mola.
      GILBEEEEEEEEERT (aka: don't ever run away, 'cause I'll find you)
      Historia. Bonita.
      Pero te quiero xD
      Un beso <3

  2. Bueno, como ya sabes, (porque me repito una barbaridad), es muy interesante, y siento curiosidad por saber cómo continúa ^^ By the way, el niño me cae bien xD
    ¡Un beso!

    1. No pasa nada por repetirse, por lo menos comentas jaja :P Y la verdad es que me gusta para ser un cuento que me sale así improvisado jaja ^^
      ¿A que sí? Tengo que hacer un Team James O.O (pero no de Harry Potter, sino de la historia... jeje xP)
      Un beso :3

  3. Hola. Wow escribes en Ingles, a mi me cuesta un montón, sigue así, besos.

    1. Graciaas ^-^ La verdad es que en el colegio se esfuerzan mucho en que escribamos bien, así que tengo práctica, seguro que si lo intentas mejoras :3
      Un besazo :D


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