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Historias perdidas: Spread the rumors

Lo sé, soy vaga. Pero por fin os traigo la continuación de la historia xD Y sí, es raro y deprimente y siniestro. ¿Qué queréis que os diga? Es lo que me sale ^-^ -.-'

7. Spread the rumors

When Sam exited her old school, she surprisingly found two of her childhood friends. First, her very close companion, Helen, who she had met when she was barely ten years old. She had been attending a parents' meeting at the school - yes, her son was going to the same building she had gone to when she was young -. And when she saw Sam, she stopped to talk enthusiastically with her.

Together with Martin, they had been a well known trio at the time. Inseparable. And yet when Helen told her about what had been recently going on, she didn't even doubt about judging him.
'You see,' she was saying, 'he's been having kind of a harsh time. His girlfriend kind of... had an affair. That was quite some months ago, though. And still... A few weeks ago she died. An accident. It was terrible. And kind of scary, too. People's been suspecting him, and he came to me so desperate. He was swearing he had done nothing. You can imagine, I told him I believed him, that there was no need to worry... But I was kind of terrified, if you know what I mean...'

Sam surely knew what she meant because she felt the same way at that moment. She wouldn't dare to disagree with her friend, even though she was a bit skeptical. They had been so close when they were children... They would've told each other everything and keep it secret in a wordless vow, never afraid that it could destroy their friendship.

But as she soon understood, back then they were young and naive, and none of them would've ever been suspected of murder. Now, Sam was going to find out that the hypocrisy and mistrust had also extended to Martin.

As she walked into him in the market, he demonstrated to be gladly surprised to find her. Truly, it had really been a long time since they last met. Samantha couldn't help but notice that the greeting hug he gave her lasted for a bit too long. It didn't take too much time for her to see what Helen had meant when she said he was having a harsh time. Because, without a doubt, he was worn out. His expression was slightly vacant, his eyes red, dark shadows under them. Also, she remembered him fatter and, surely, not as pale.

'Oh my God, Sam, I'm so happy to see you at last! I was already starting to miss you.' And he laughed loudly, although his happiness didn't reach his eyes. 'Although I'm sure you've already heard what they're saying about me around here. Those ungrateful bastards.' Suddenly, the beast was out. Sam's blood froze at the sight of her old friend's dilated pupils. 'After all I've done for them. Almost lost my hand trying to fix some shitty wiring here in the city. And now all they see is a murderer.'

'I'm so sorry, Martin.' She could barely conceal her trembling voice. 'Helen told me all about it.'

'Yeah, that bitch.' The words paralyzed her, although she tried not to show. 'Answers with a smile and stabs you in the back. She was the first one to spread the rumors, you know... But, oh my, Sam. People's staring at us. Why don't we talk somewhere else?'

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  1. Hombre, ¡al fin Irene! Ya puedo seguir con la novela xD La verdad es que está muy bien, como de costumbre, aunque le estoy cogiendo manía a Sam. Y a sus amigos. Menuda panda de hipócritas ¬¬ Tener amigos para eso...
    Un beso :)

    1. Lo siento jeje xD
      ¿A Sam? ¿Por quéee? jajajaja xD Y los amigos se supone que tienen que caer mal y eso xP
      Todo el mundo está de acuerdo en el que el mejor personaje es el niño. *whispers* everything goes just as planned... muahahaha ^-^
      Un beso ;)


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