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Historias perdidas: A redwood tree

¡Feliz año nuevo!

Jaja me quedo con la opción B xD

Yyyy ahora os dejo otra vez con The bamboo cane, sexta parte/capítulo ;-*

6. A redwood tree

'Shit!' shouted Sam, kicking the side of her old car, which protested in response with a metallic groan. Taking a deep breath, she put both hands on top of its roof, and let herself fall onto it. Then she sighed. Could she have any more bad luck?

'That's a nasty word.'

Surprised, the woman quickly straightened up and looked at the kid at her left, her eyebrows forming a gentle arc of surprise. The boy, on the other hand, seemed relaxed. Enjoying the moment, she could even guess. As if listening to an adult say a "nasty word" was the best thing that had happened to him that day.

'It's true. It is. Sorry.' The boy shrugged in response.

'Mom would get mad with me if I say it, but I don't mind. And you're an adult. So it doesn't really matter.'

Strangely, the woman weighted, analyzed, the truth of his words. Maybe it seemed stupid. Maybe it was stupid. Yet Sam couldn't help but think about it, about how some things lost their significance when you grew up, while others just seemed to get bigger and bigger with time, until you couldn't control it, until you couldn't reach the top. Like a redwood tree.

Ignoring his grammar mistakes, she asked: 'Why are you here?' The child frowned. He either didn't know how to answer that question, or he didn't dare to do it. Until, finally, he spoke.

'I wanted to see you. You are funny.' Sam was surprised and didn't quite know what to say to that, but the kid didn't let her think about it very much, anyway. 'What are you doing? You seem angry with your car.'

'I am. This useless piece of... metal doesn't work. I've tried a million times, but the engine just died.'

'Well,' the boy started carefully. 'My mother's boyfriend fixes useless pieces of... metal,' he admitted, imitating her tone. She restrained a laugh. 'But I don't think he can bring to life the dead.'

'It doesn't matter, kid. That should be okay. But you haven't answered me yet. Not properly, at least.'

'I like you. And I want to help you find whoever you're looking for. I can be in places I shouldn't be at times I shouldn't be out.' He said it proudly, and Samantha smiled softly.

'I'm not sure that's something you should be proud of.' And the boy simply shrugged.

'My mom doesn't like it one bit. She says I'm too reckless, to disobedient,' the child said with difficulty. Then he smiled widely. 'But her boyfriend told me I'm gifted.'

Twisting her mouth a little bit, Sam accepted that argument. Still, she found it a dangerous gift.

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  1. ¡Feliz año a ti también! ¿Sabes? El niño me cae bien xD Bueno, a ver si nos encontramos con los padres de Sam, ¿no?
    Un beso ;)

    1. El padre, Val, el padre. La madre está muerta.
      Y sí, el niño es la leche xD
      Un beso ^-^

  2. ¡Feliz 2015, Irene! Yo también me quedo con la opción B jajajajaj
    Y me encanta la nueva parte de la historia :) ¿Qué es en español un redwood tree? ¿Un árbol de madera roja? ¿Así, sin más ¿O es algún árbol en concreto? ¿Para qué pregunto? Si tienes un precioso traductor ahí...xD

    ¡Noooooo! ¡No funciona! Pone ¿Idioma? y debajo Seguidores, pero están los dos vacíos...No hay nada en ellos. *Llanto*

    1. Jajaja gracias xD
      Y si usas el ordenador, solo tienes que darle a refrescar xD
      De todas formas es una familia de árboles, un ejemplo es una secuoya ;)
      Un beso <3


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