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Historias perdidas: The weight of time

Lo prometido es deuda. Os prometí The bamboo cane, os traigo The bamboo cane. Lo siento si tiene errores pero es que me encuentro muy cansada y un poco pocha y me duelen las piernas (es lo que pasa por estar en un bautizo todo el día con tacones).

Pos eso, otro flashback, aka "otro patráh" ;)

5. The weight of time

When she finally draw the conclusion that it was impossible to get a single bit of information from the authorities, Sam decided to visit her old school, where they certainly knew her better and where possibly, even if it was just a tiny possibility, they would have saved some information.

The first thing - or rather person - she saw was the same secretary she had known for so long looking through the administration window. Still, she had changed, for she looked much more older and tired than ten years ago. Despite her possible desire for retirement, the woman opened her eyes wide with surprise and then offered her a warm smile.

'Oh my, if it isn't Samantha Cardigan.' Her voice trembled a little bit due to the weight of time, but she seemed confident and honestly pleased with her presence. Sam returned a sad smile which didn't reach her eyes at all.

'I think it's still me. It's just hard to keep it that way.' The other woman chuckled, and she quickly added: 'By the way, good evening, Mrs. Hawthorn. I was wondering...' Samantha sighed. 'I was wondering if you could provide me some information. Personal information. I just got the feeling my... father... is in danger.'

Mrs. Adele Hawthorn raised her eyebrows with astonishment, which was promptly substituted  by insecurity. 'Your father? Why, I thought he just... you know.'

'Abandoned me.' Sam's voice sounded more harsh than she intended. She took a deep breath and calmed down. 'Yes. He did, basically. And now he's in trouble. Just... I'd be very thankful if you just looked if there was any information about him, or her sister. Julia Farrell. He sent me after her, but I have no clue where she is.'

'Okay. I'll see what I can do, but get this in your mind, dear: I won't promise a thing. Technically, I shouldn't even tell you this information. Anyway, you look way too worried. I guess in the end we're all corrupted.' She said it calmly, without a single bit of irony or bitterness. She just smiled, as if it didn't even matter.

Stupefied, Sam wasn't able to answer while Mrs. Hawthorn went through a narrow door behind her and left her thinking for too long. A few students who were left in the school were already leaving; the older ones had probably been studying, while the youngest ones would have been playing with their friends, and now they were being dragged home by their parents.

Finally, Adele returned to the administration window with an expression that didn't create great expectations. Just as Sam imagined, the data she provided her, although helpful, weren't at all clear nor detailed. Not the end of her problems, evidently.

'I'm not sure of the usefulness of this, looking at the current state of affairs, but I found the native house of both your father and aunt, and a phone number.'

Sam thanked the woman from the bottom of her heart and left.

Un besazo chicos, y dejad vuestros comentarios que siempre ayudan ;)

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  1. Está muy bien, Irene. Solo una pregunta, el past participle de leave, ¿no es left? Por lo demás, está muy bien y siento curiosidad por saber si Sam encontrará a su family xD
    Un beso :)


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