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Historias perdidas: Threads of a spider web

Muy buenas a todos. Lo mismo de siempre, os dejo una entrada ahora que puedo. Comentad, por favor, que se agradece mucho. Y eso, ¡espero que os guste! (Si tengo mucho fallos, lo siento, estoy cansada -.-')

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4. Threads of a spider web

Sam woke up with a muffled scream. Outside, the flash of a lightning stroke the window. Sitting up, the woman snorted and frowned. Why did every single day in that horrible place have to be like that? She had heard that places near the sea had wonderful weathers.
Sighing, she laid down once more, feeling the remains of the dream wash away like the threads of a spider web blown away by the wind. There was just one big, nasty fly left: a memory that lingered at the back of her mind. Few things crossed Samantha's thoughts those days. The face of that man was one of them.

He had a wonderful, yet somehow twisted smile, like that one from those who know what horrible things the world brings, but who would rather let you find it out on your own. He was not handsome - once again, he never needed to be -. He had this internal  magnetism, some brutal charisma, which was what had paved his way so many times... Being its downside, of course, the fact that it had also caused him a bunch of innumerable problems. That attitude of superiority, of self-security, was bound to bring dangerous people to their feet.

Although she didn't remember anything but his calm, warm look, Sam felt confused, other than nostalgic. How was it possible that such a memory came back in such a convenient time? On the other hand, she didn't know what to think. Could that image be of any use, help her find any traces of her father's steps? No, as far as she knew...

She sighed, got up and walked out the door.

Surprisingly, or maybe not that much, ten minutes later she found herself sitting on the dull sand of the dull beach of that dull town. She observed the night sky silently, wondering why she had to care so much, why her mind couldn't fly away from such a capricious reminiscence.

Closing her eyes, Samantha sunk her fingers into the sand, feeling the soft grains caress her skin. Frowning, she suddenly felt like she was about to cry. And as much as she breathed heavily, trying to calm down, the woman noticed something breaking down inside her, something that had been already shattered before, but that she had carefully glued up. Results being, everyone who saw her would've thought that she was brittle, that she had somehow had a catastrophic history behind her. Still, it was the strength she showed at containing so tied together all the pieces what made the people look at her with caution and reservation. As if Sam were from a different species.

She was lost so deep down in her thoughts that she wasn't even conscious anymore of the texture of the particles touching her hand. However, Sam did sense the uncomfortable feeling that tells you you're being watched. Like a cold breeze that tickles the back of your neck.

Opening her eyes brusquely, she got up and looked behind her. The feeling stopped. As it would be expected, she couldn't see nothing in the middle of the night. And, even though Samantha noticed she was now alone, she remained stiff.

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  1. Vaya, muy interesante. Y desesperante. ¡Has vuelto a dejarnos a la mitad! *rumia molesta, lanzando miradas de odio* Nah, sabes que me encanta (sí soy masoquista) y seguiré esperando a la siguiente entrega ^^
    Un beso :)

    1. *ATTACK HUG* <3<3 Grasiah ;-* ¿Qué es la vida sin misterio? xD Ok no ;__;
      Un besooo :D

      PD: Rumias como las vacas lol xD Ok, lo siento, tengo que estudiar mucho este finde, ¿vale? D'x

    2. Primero: no sé el por qué del attack hug, pero no me quejaré.
      Dos: de nada y, bueno, supongo que una vida aburrida.
      Tercero y más importante: YO NO RUMIO COMO LAS VACAS ¬¬ Y, (y que sirva como prueba de que soy una buena persona), pasaré esto por alto y seguiré aguardando tu siguiente entrada, que no me importa que no sea mañana, entiendo que tienes que estudiar (if llu dount guant mi tu coment, sai it tu mi)
      Un beso ;)

    3. Meeeh tus comentarios siempre son bienvenidos Val(qui) <3 :P
      Quisis and lof -3·

      PD: solo me estaba metiendo contigo para ver tu reacción xD


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