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Historias perdidas: Forget the past

Pues nada, que la historia sigue ^-^ Ahora vuelve un poco al pasado, si lo llevo bien lo haré así hasta el final xD En fin, no tengo mucho más que decir. Espero que os guste y si comentáis, mejor <3

3. Forget the past

After reading the letter, Sam began a strange and intricate search. She asked in every single official site for documents about a man named George Moore. Who was he? Apparently his father, she answered. But in the few places where they agreed to look for some information, all that Samantha obtained was nothing, or just a small amount of basic facts: his complete name, his age, his last job... Nothing about his current home or his phone number.

It was pretty obvious he was in trouble. Otherwise, finding him would be much easier. Soon enough, though, she understood so much effort would be in vain. So, following the man's indications, she visited the place where his sister, her aunt, should be living in.

She rang the bell of the house of that lost village, an uncomfortable and inhospitable spot in the middle of nowhere. However, what she found was nothing she expected, for a really old woman opened the door with a harsh look. It was clear the weather of the place and her age weren't doing her any good; maybe she had been nice some time ago, who knew? In any case, Sam understood that person wasn't Julia, for certain.

'Excuse me, ma'am,' she began politely, caution invading her voice. 'Sorry to disturb you, but... I was looking for Julia Farrell. I've been told she lived here.'

The woman snorted and shook her head in disdain. 'No, miss, I'm afraid she's not. We bought this house a few years ago.' Sam sighed and tried again, wishing her investigation didn't get even more complicated. 'Have you got any idea of where she's gone?'

'No, girl, I can't tell you that. No one here knows.' She stayed silent for a moment, scrutinizing the young lady to finally lower her voice and add: 'I've been asking 'round here, you see? That wretched woman lost her husband in a car accident, you know? Yes. But not only that. Not much time afterwards, she lost her little brother, God knows where. Bang.' She made a strange gesture with her hands. 'He disappeared. So Ms. Farrell took her boy and decided to lose herself in the immensity of this country.' The old woman waved her hand and twitched her mouth. 'Maybe in other. Who knows?'

An overwhelming sensation pricked Samantha's chest. The information the new host had given her wasn't particularly unknown - except for the bit of Julia's husband -, yet she felt her hopes began to vanish. Certainly, someone who had lost so much would do anything that was in her hands to forget the past.

Beginning to doubt the value of that hunt, she said goodbye to the old woman and left. Facts were, Sam felt she needed to find her aunt, not for her father, but because she owed herself a few explanations. There was that urge, that desire, to talk to Mr. Moore. And the first step was getting to his sister.

Maybe it took a long time. What did it matter, anyway? Her last boss had fired her, she had been looking for a new job for months and still she hadn't found a thing. For the time being, all she could do was go after the answers she so badly desired and hope for the best.

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  1. Muy interesante el capítulo (?) aunque la pobre chica me da penita, no encontrando ni a su padre ni a su tía...
    Un beso :)

    1. Ya bueno, las cosas de la vida xD Ya se arreglará <3 Y sí, no se sabe si es un capítulo o qué xD
      Muchas gracias ^-^ Un beso :D


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