lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Un poema, un sentimiento: Ice and blood

Ice and blood

I built myself a heart of ice,
one that would never melt.
I put up a wall when no tears were left
and believed it would all be fine.

How could I be such a fool,
not to notice you would slowly stab me?
Once the barrier was a little loose,
it would be your chance to kill me.

I should've known better
than to let my blood turn cold.
Now I'm gently freezing
with the feeling you left behind.

Why is it that I can't be loved?
What else do I need?
I put my heart and soul
into everything I do
and gain nothing.

I'll try to build another wall,
just so you can come and dodge it.
I'll shout at you to stay away, to be with me,
in the silence distance between us.

I'll let you destroy me,
just one more time,
and then I'll return
with the blood a little bit colder.

I should've stopped this from happening.
I guess I'm weak.
I guess I'm stupid and immature.
I cry for losing something
I never had.

They would wish me good luck
for having such a frozen heart.
You can only mean more harm,
though I try to stay back.

The fortress is useless, it keeps me alone.
Alone but not safe, as it is supposed.
Maybe my pain will be left undisclosed,
and no one will be by my side at dawn.

Y ahora algo propio del veranito (siento la depresión chicos ^-^):

¡¡Un besoo!! <3

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  1. Es muy... Triste, Irene pero, la verdad, me parece que solo sabemos escribir cosas así (tú y yo, al menos), claro que tú escribes unos poemas geniales, incluso en inglés (y los míos son horribles ¬¬)
    Bueno, feliz verano y que sepas que está genial ;)
    Un beso :3

    1. Gracias :3 Y no puedes saber si tus poemas son buenos o malos si no los escribes :P Si me dejas ver uno te digo si está bien o mal ewe
      Feliz verano y un beso!! :D

    2. Supongo que tienes razón... Bueno, si algún día me animo a escribirlos, tú serás la primera en leerlos ^^
      Un beso :)

    3. Jajaja gracias ;P Un besooo :D

  2. ¡OH! Que bonito, que bonito, Irene. Me ha encantado <3

    1. ¿Qué es esto? Acabo de ver el comentario O.O Soy horrible -.-'
      ¡Muchas gracias Elle! Un besazo <3


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